DC Water

Integrated Marketing Campaign


Increase brand awareness and educate customers through an integrated marketing campaign marrying traditional and digital. 


Development of paid + traditional ads promoting the Hydrate DC digital website hub, comprised of enhanced interactive digital experiences to include quizzes, videos, and blogs.


  • Display ad click-thru-rates continually increased over the course of the campaign.
  • The campaign overall had a 0.38% CTR (almost 3 times the industry average). Video completion rates of brand video were excellent across the various creative lengths. The 30-second video performed as well as the 15-second video indicating users were engaged enough to watch the entire video.
  • Facebook campaigns performed better than average with a 2.09% CTR surpassing benchmark, which was lower than 1% for Facebook ads at the time.
  • Facebook ads achieved a total of 14,948 clicks.
  • During the campaign as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, budget was reallocated to COVID-19 creative and brand messaging, which proved to be very successful for the remainder of the campaign.
  • During the length of the campaign, 36% of website traffic was redirected from the Facebook ad campaigns (6,771 users). Ads running on OTT devices accounted for another 11%.
  • Outside of the homepage, the Coronavirus Update page had the 2nd highest amount of traffic easily with 11.53% of site visitors.
  • COVID-19 content aside, the What’s Your DC Persona quiz gained some attention with almost 400 clicks.
  • 50% month-over-month increase in visitation to the Hydrate DC digital hub



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